Most people become too stressed from shopping, cooking, and travel for the holidays. Even fun family gatherings can take their toll. According to skilled trainers at International Center for Yoga & Health, It’s never too early to hone your holiday survival skills.

The Center for Yoga and Health has been teaching thousands of people to relax, renew and heal body, mind and spirit for 20 years.

“Learning to relax should be fun and realistic,” says experts. Here, are some simple tips for managing holiday stress:

Notice how your body feels throughout the day and in different situations.
Are you holding your breath or clenching your jaw? Noticing the physiological markers of stress is the first step to alleviating it.
Cultivate the habit of loosening up your body and shaking off tension. Whether you are in an airplane or shopping mall you can shrug your shoulders, give yourself a hug, tuck your chin to your chest or simply yawn to release tension in your upper body.
Can’t resist holiday goodies? Drink at least 64 ounces of water a day to offset the effects of sugar, alcohol, caffeine, and turkey with all the trimmings.
A few deep, slow breaths go a long way to helping your body unwind and to clear your mind.
Set a timer or post sticky notes on your computer monitor as a reminder to breathe at least three times a day. Transcend tension during traffic and commutes by taking a few deep breaths, making sure to exhale completely.

Never mind the errands, put yourself into “time out.” Just five to 15 minutes of sitting quietly or stretching out on your bed will do wonders for your mood. Consider making at least one area of your home off limits to anyone but you.

“In addition to yoga, guests can participate in a variety of activities including hiking, massage, and eating healthfully,” trainer adds. “We pride ourselves in teaching tools in as few as two days that last a lifetime.”

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