If you are planning a big move across the country, then you need to get some moving blankets to protect your furniture and other precious items.  They are very handy and come in a wide variety of styles and prices.  It can be hard to choose the right blanket for your moving needs.  This will help you to get a better idea of what may be the right furniture moving blanket for you.

There are two basic styles of moving blankets.  One is the plain moving blanket and the other is the quilted moving blanket.  Many people prefer the quilted version as it offers more protection to the furniture. There is a bit more cost to the quilted version, but if you do not want to harm your items, this would be the best choice.

They offer more protection and will wrap around the things you are moving with ease.  Some feel that they take up too much room and would have one that does not have this much padding to them.  If the room is an issue, you may want to go with the plain variety.

These blankets are also available in a wide variety of colors.  There are even camouflage ones that can be used for other activities after the move is over. One thing you need to decide before you purchase your blankets is whether or not you are going to be using them for anything else after you move.

This is important when it comes to choosing the color as well as the material type.  Using the camouflage example from above, if you are just moving and will not use the blanket for anything else, then you may not want to spend an extra dollar a blanket on a camouflage one.

If you would like to reuse these and you can with many of the styles, then you may want to get the blankets that will not only cushion your furniture, you may want to color coordinate them with the tasks they will perform later.  For instance, camouflage blankets can be taken hunting and used as cover during the winter months.

This brings us to the material that is used to make the blanket.  There are two types of basic moving blanket materials.  You can get them in either cotton or man-made polyester.  The big plus to cotton blankets is that they do not have a bad odor to them.  The polyester ones can be very smelly.  Of course, cotton will cost a bit more, but if you plan on using them again, you will not want to have the smell associated with the polyester type.  If you are just using them to move, then polyester can do the trick nicely.

The main purpose of having moving blankets is to protect your goods.  How much protection you need and the use of the blankets after the move will determine which types are right for you.  The choice will be based on your needs. You can also hire Dubai movers to help you with your moving adventures.

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