It is rightly said that shoes can make or break your outfit. The shoes command such authority that they can alleviate your outfit or downgrade it instantly. For every woman, shoes hold a special place in her wardrobe. Though it is not possible to get shoes for every dress you own, it is entirely possible to shop smartly and select shoes that can go with every dress and occasion. The tone of every outfit is set by the pair of shoes you select to wear with them. The same outfit with two different kinds of shoes gives wholly different vibes. Here you have to select which one is appropriate to the mood and occasion. Below we have compiled a list of essential shoes that will surely work with your wardrobe.

White Sneakers

Very few other items can claim to be versatile at par with white sneakers. They will give you a polished yet effortless look, something to help you look chic without seeming to make much effort for it. They can go with almost anything as they carry a vibe of their own, capable of influencing the whole mood of the dress. You must have a quality white sneaker in your wardrobe.

Black Boots

You will surely find them as part of every stylish wardrobe. In the fall season, they are especially in demand giving the whole mysterious look when coupled with black leather and a matching outfit. Again, they can be paired with most outfits out there whether you are in a party mood or a more refined business casual outfit.

If you want to add a little extra spice, go for black ankle boots. It is enough to say that no wardrobe is complete without them.


If you are someone who gets tired of daily use of heels, try a pair of loafers. They are classic, look elegant, are in style, and very seldom go wrong especially if you are in the mood for a more sophisticated look. Start with a solid black pair and work your way around more colored options later.

Athletic Sneakers

Whether you are into exercise or not, you need at least one pair of athleisure. Recent trends have shown that they have risen way above the normal exercise outfits. Now you can pair them with casual, sporty outfits without any second thought. They can also be used as your daily drivers owing to their comfortability.


Whether you choose strappy ones or simple sandals, you must have one. In summers, you will find them to be one the most versatile, easy-going pair of shoes. Interestingly, they equally work for casual events or little formals like date nights. The color choice is entirely yours but there is no harm in flirting a little with bold colors.

Now the question comes, from where do we get them all? These all styles are pretty common and you can find them anywhere. You can buy many shoes stuff including no tie shoelaces from Straight laces.

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