A last will is a document containing the last wishes of an individual regarding his assets and their distribution. Every area has its own laws of last will but the standard procedure everywhere involves witnesses and the testator to verify the document. This whole activity is done before a notary public.

For a last will to be legally binding and acceptable, it must be drafted formally by legal counsel. Anything other than that won’t command any legal force. Handwritten wills are not valid all the time. But in the case of handwritten wills, a notarial certificate is required. Moreover, as two witnesses are often required by the law, their signatures must also be notarized. It can be noted that notaries can also sign as witnesses. The witnesses must understand the nature of the document they are signing. Before moving on to the notarization of the documents, the nature and effect must be made explicit to the signatories.

In order to avoid any complications,  you should invest in a good attorney. Many wills and testaments are rejected just because they are not properly executed. You can easily find a notary public in Mississauga to get your work done. In addition to it, notaries are also versed in handling other types of estate documents.

You must consider the possibility that notaries can always decline to notarize wills not prepared by an attorney. As the laws vary from country to country and even from state to state within the same country, hiring an attorney will be very helpful. Law wise is one such firm where you can find competent attorneys to handle your process with care. Some states do not allow notaries to act as legal assistants while handling wills if they are not trained to do so. So, to be on the safe side, always consult a lawyer and then go to the notary for further process.

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