There are an abundant number of healthy snack recipes available on the web. Most of these are going to concentrate on natural foods low in fat and sugars. The all time favorite when looking for quick healthy recipes are the date rolls. Simply put the dates in the blender and then when that’s finished simply roll them in coconut and set in the fridge. Any nuts that take your fancy can be added to this mixture to add some variety to the taste.

For healthy eating we try to avoid the empty calories found in foods like donuts and packaged biscuits. These foods are high in calories but with little nutritional value. Your calories will come from the fat and sugar content and there will certainly be minimal or no vitamins or minerals in this kind of stuff. These foods don’t have much fiber either. Low fiber means it will be much harder for your body to get the residue of this food out of your system after you’ve digested it. A good example of this is white bread.

When we are entertaining it is common to put out a platter containing an assortment of processed meats, alongside various cheeses. Sadly, both of these contain ingredients harmful to our health. Processed meats have fallen from grace of recent years because of their cancer causing ingredient known as sodium nitrite. Sodium nitrite is a close chemical relative of sodium nitrate. Also processed cheeses often contain very little cheese. What they do contain is a list of ingredients that reads like salt, food coloring, and harmful chemical additives such as sodium aluminum phosphate.

Besides if your diet is pre-dominantly meat and other animal products, you’re probably getting more fat and cholesterol than your body can use. We eat 2 to 3 times more protein than our bodies need in Western societies! Another enticement to make the switch is that animal protein is becoming increasingly costly compared to using fresh in season vegetables and fruit.

Therefore next time you prepare a platter for a snack just put in a little bit extra effort and you can achieve a result that is both nutritious and tasty. Try for all natural, with chopped carrots and celery sticks to dip into homemade dips. Homemade dips include the one we can all make easily which is of course guacamole. This is an avocado blended with whatever you prefer to achieve whatever taste is your preference. I always blend lots of garlic and chili in with the tomatoes. This is not obviously going to suit everybody. Yoghurt is a reliable standby for dips. Once again blend in whatever ingredients that appeal to your taste. My take on this is lemon juice and chili blended with a natural yoghurt.

The solution to having healthy snack recipes at hand is to plan ahead. Each week, add more grains and fresh ingredients on your shopping list. Naturally eating small portions of the so called unhealthy foods is not going to cause long term harm to anyone. This is on the proviso of course that you do not have a predisposing medical condition which contraindicates certain of these ingredients. It is only when they form the bulk of our diet that many of these foods will be working silently away doing damage to our bodies.

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